As at Feb 2022 I’m back in the office but staying flexible around where I work. The office, online and outdoors are all now permanently on offer.
Online platforms can work really well for individuals so I’m happy to see clients on Zoom or FaceTime. 
At the same time as offering face to face work in a spacious, airy office, I’m also working outdoors in a variety of ways. 
Talking and walking is a very different experience from sitting in a room. If this idea interest you, find out more by going to ‘Wild Therapy’. 

Steve Lewis, Psychotherapy and Couple Counselling Lancaster

“We are doing extremely well. Our time with you has really helped us. We seem to have learnt how to stop and prevent that point of escalation occurring diffuse the carry on talking....or just, be quiet for a while. Dealing with deep rooted feelings, despite being exhausting, seems to have enabled understanding from both sides.”
I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and Relate Certified Counsellor with 25+ years experience of working with individuals, couples, supervisees and groups in NHS, voluntary sector, educational and private settings. I work with individuals, couples and groups with issues of all kinds: family, work, anger, depression, self-esteem, bereavement and personal development in general to name a few. Wild Therapy is a more recent development.

I specialise in relationship issues and couple counselling. The first work I ever did was at Relate with couples and individuals trying to create, sustain, hold onto and let go of relationships. I’ve maintained a special interest in love and the dynamics of intimate relationships, their delights and difficulties, throughout my career.

What Happens in Therapy?

With all my clients I work to bring what is out of awareness into awareness to create choice and so the possibility of change. I am client led which means we talk about whatever is concerning you. If you're a couple that might involve looking at the way you are communicating as well as what feels wrong and what you want to do about it. For an individual it might be to do with an unexpected life crisis or longstanding issues around anxiety and self-esteem. I will listen first, maybe ask some questions, before making observations and offering interventions.

Fees are currently £50 for individuals and £60 for couples. If money is a problem I am happy to discuss what might be affordable. Sessions last an hour and are confidential.

To get started contact me and we’ll arrange an initial appointment. This half hour session is not therapy as such but an opportunity for us to meet and find out a little more about each other. I will ask you to outline the sort of issues you might want to bring and you will be able to ask any questions you might have. There is no obligation involved and only a £10 fee.

Steve Lewis - Psychotherapy and Couple Counselling Lancaster
Help with depression, anxiety and stress
Steve Lewis - Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor Lancaster

If you would like to arrange an initial session
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