Couples Counselling (FAQs)

Would highly recommend Steve to anyone considering couples counselling. He is non-judgemental, patient, understanding and asks the right questions. Really helped us both out and we are both glad we did it.
What sort of difficulties do you deal with?

Typically couples come when they are in some sort of crisis. Usually something’s changed to make one or both parties unsatisfied. This might be to do with life events around family or career, depression, illness, sexual difficulties or an affairs. Often problems with communication lie at the root. Couples find they’ve stop talking, or perhaps never started!

What happens?

Couples attend together usually. Sessions last an hour and are weekly, at first. Mostly we talk about whatever concerns them at the time. Sometimes we will focus on the subject matter, other times we focus on the way they are communicating. Couples don’t always agree on what's important so this can become a focus too. Almost everything that happens in the room is grist to the mill. I will make observations, ask questions, offer suggestions or experimental activities to try out. Sometimes I might even give homework!

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. I use the UKCP’s guidelines on confidentiality. This means that everything that happens in the sessions is confidential to you and I. There are certain exceptional exceptions to this which I will explain and discuss at our first session.

How much does it cost?

My fee for couple therapy is £60 per session, payable in advance.

How do I get started?

Simply contact me and we’ll arrange an initial assessment appointment. This half hour session is not therapy as such but an opportunity for us to meet and find out a little more about each other. I will ask you to outline the sort of issues you might want to bring to therapy and you will be able to ask any questions you might have. There is no obligation and only a £10 fee.

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